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Martin Rütter 2023


Martin Rütter 2023


Location: Schwabenhalle

For 25 years, Martin Rütter has been on an animal-human mission. Always on behalf of the dogs. And to educate their owners. A quarter of a century dedicated to improving understanding between two and four-legged friends. A quarter of a century with a cool head and sharp powers of observation through the bizarre everyday relationships of Hasso and his owner. A quarter of a century with the mirror of merciless truth in his hand. In his new live show "DER WILL NUR SPIELEN!" Martin Rütter takes his audience on a fast-paced journey through the dog houses of this nation. He clears up, he uncovers and if it must be, he fetches also the Jogger from the lantern. Martin Rütter is the man for all skins. He becomes a pragmatist when the question of all questions arises: Castration - yes or no? He plays the analyst when Pfiffi tugs at the leash and the nerves of his human. He mutates into a romantic when he tells us what love at first (puppy) sight really means. In his new live show "DER WILL NUR SPIELEN!" the number 1 dog professional highlights the most important topics of the last 25 years. He presents entertaining stories and hilarious anecdotes. He provides valuable tips and helpful hints. And as always in his typical, incomparable Rütter style.

"THE WILL ONLY PLAY!" - with and by Martin Rütter. Professionally well-founded. Mercilessly honest. And of course hilarious again.