Hall 3 and 4

Hall 4 - Perfectly integrated

The new column-free exhibition hall 4 has been built in the north-west, between the existing halls 3 and 5, well connected to both by a moving walkway.

The exhibition hall was built with external dimensions of 55,5 x 75,5 m. This provides a floor space of 4190 m² with a gross space of 4256 m². The clear height to the lower edge of the supporting structure is 7.50 m, the total height about 12.00 m.

The supply of heating and cooling is hedged by use of a ground water heat pump. The solid walls of the hall are used as heating or cooling surfaces, which means by component activation of tubes, inlaid into the walls.

The peak demand for heating is also covered by a direct-fired gas ventilation system. The building is insulated and sealed according to EnEV.

The hall was inaugurated and put into operation on October 13.

Hall 3

7000 m² of individually usable hall space, an own fairground entrance as well as own infrastructure and catering. Hall 3 can be very well combined with halls 2 and 4.