Messe Augsburg's hygiene concept

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Watch our short video to see how we implement our hygiene measures to ensure you a safe visit at our exhibition grounds.

Your safety is important to us

The safety and health of all employees, visitors, partners and guests is top priority for Messe Augsburg. Here, you can view the measures implemented to ensure safe ­participation in the trade fair.

Our protection measures for your safe trade fair visit

More space
We are regulating the numbers of people and have increased the available space to ensure a greater freedom of movement. We have implemented distance markers and route guidance for your safe movement around the venue.

Permanent ventilation
Our ventilation system provides a permanent supply of fresh air from outside so that the same air is not recirculated in a closed loop. In addition, air is not recirculated between the various halls.

Hand hygiene
We have made all the essential amenities available in our halls and sanitary ­facilities to ensure you can regularly wash and ­sanitize your hands.

Cleaning and disinfection
Surfaces with frequent and heavy use, i.e. handles, handrails, etc. and our ­sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected at ­frequent intervals.

Secure online booking
You can register online quickly and securely from home. Tickets are available via mobile and entrance to the trade fair is contactless.

Medical services
Our qualified medical personnel are available on site at all times.


Download poster “Protection measures”

Take care of yourself

In accordance with the requirements of the Coronavirus ­Protection Ordinance of the Free State of Bavaria, and in close cooperation with the authorities, Messe Augsburg has designed a series of seamlessly interlocking measures to regulate all the activities at the trade fair.

Protect yourself and everyone at the trade fair!

Please note the following hygiene rules

Wear a mask
Please wear a mouth-nose covering to ­protect everyone attending the trade fair. This is not necessary when outdoors or when seated in fixed seating.

Coughing and sneezing etiquette
Please always cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm, and turn away from other people.

Networking without physical contact
Please do not shake hands, and avoid any physical contact.

Frequent hand hygiene
Please ensure you wash and sanitize your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters
Please maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from the other trade fair participants.

If you have symptoms
If you show any signs of illness, please ­contact our on-site medical services immediately.


Download poster “Hygiene rules”

Information for exhibitors and organizers

Design of your trade fair stand
Maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 m between persons on the stand at all times.

Establishing business contacts
Also maintain the minimum distance for business appointments and avoid physical contact and shaking hands. Document the contact data of your interlocutors.

Hygiene on your stand
Sanitisers must be provided on every trade fair stand; the surfaces must be cleaned regularly or after each business meeting. The stand personnel must be trained in the hygiene regulations.

Events and stand parties
Please understand that “party-type” events may not be held on trade fair stands at present.

You will find all the guidelines and recommendations regarding your attendance at the trade fair at our centre here:

Information on stand construction

General information in connection with our hygiene concept

Avoiding groups of people
There will be special regulations where increased numbers of people may congregate and could form queues. This applies e.g. to cloakrooms, bag control for security, turnstiles, information counters and lifts. We plan the entrance situation individually for each event and calculate flows of persons and maximum numbers of people for each entrance. We also specify minimum distances in the waiting areas. The rules regarding hygiene and conduct are also prominently displayed. Our staff are also trained in the hygiene regulations and can therefore provide information and assistance.

Subsequent monitoring through the full registration of all attendees
All trade fair attendees will have registered in advance using online ticket purchasing or their exhibitor ID to receive their access authorisation. This is how we can ensure we can identify and contact attendees in the event of a coronavirus outbreak. Ill persons or those feeling ill will be refused entry to the centre.

Catering and hospitality
Our catering partner can provide extensive catering and hospitality services for the exhibition spaces and stands that comply with the legal requirements. This includes measures such as contactless payment.

Medical services
Qualified medical services are available on site at all times.

Number of participants at the trade fair centre
We use the online registration of visitors and exhibitors to ensure we constantly monitor the number of attendees and to therefore maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 m at all times.

Measures for conferences
Conferences are an important part of many of our trade fairs. We will change the number of seats and provide separate entrances and exits to the conference space to protect all participants. No standing room will be available.

Expansion of the area
If necessary, we will explore the option of making larger areas available for each event. We will determine the width of the walkways and traffic areas for each event in advance to ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 m can be maintained.