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05.04.2023 - 10.04.2023


The most incredible week of mankind retold

Location: Schwabenhalle (hall 1)

Admission for visitors: 30 minutes before start of the event

Easter. For Christians worldwide, it is the feast of hope, even though dark hours preceded the resurrection and the victory over death. But what really happened more than 2000 years ago? PASSION 21 retells the most incredible week of mankind. With great actors, stirring music and the use of audio-visual technology. What happens on stage is close enough to touch, the audience is right in the middle of the action, suffers and feverishly joins in. But not with Jesus. He is not there. But everything revolves around him. Five personalities longing for truthfulness search for their very own truth in PASSION 21. Magdalene, Peter, Judas, Pilate and chief priest Caiaphas. There are five perspectives on one and the same event.