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Proximity to customers, professionalism and individual service—that's what makes us special. We are shaping the future of Messe Augsburg together with passion, expertise and commitment. Maybe you’ll join us soon?

Find out more about us as an employer, learn about our many, diverse work areas and browse our job advertisements.

We as an employer

Work environment, benefits, work-life balance: here you can learn more about Messe Augsburg as an employer.

Areas of work

From Controlling to Guest Events, Exhibitions, Services and the Technical Department: an overview.

Job vacancies

Jobs at Messe Augsburg: here you can view our job vacancies, training places and internship opportunities.

About Messe Augsburg

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Facts and figures, values and philosophy and the history of Messe Augsburg.

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Contact for applicants

For a speculative application or a question about the application process, please contact us.