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Places of interest in Augsburg

Augsburg is in the top league, not only in sporting terms, with the Augsburg Panthers (ice hockey) and FC Augsburg (football). Fuggerstadt (an official epithet for the cities of Augsburg and Weißenhorn) and Mozartstadt (the cities of Augsburg, Prague, Salzburg and Vienna, which have strong associations with composers Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) in southwest Bavaria are also of great cultural interest: Augsburg has a history that dates back over 2,000 years, and is considered the second oldest city in Germany.

Magnificent churches, stately Renaissance houses, small streets of craftsmen workshops and modern architecture are equally fascinating in Augsburg. The old town quarter is criss-crossed by narrow canals and is one of the most beautiful districts in the city. The Goldener Saal (golden room) in the town hall and the world-famous Fuggerei, the oldest social housing in the world) are an absolute “must” for many visitors to Augsburg.

And even water plays a very special role in Augsburg:


Augsburg and water: UNESCO World Heritage Site

It is one of the massive issues for humanity: drinking water. This is closely related to the supply of drinking water, topics around water hygiene, sustainability, the use of hydro power and the preservation of natural resources.

The Augsburg water management system is unique worldwide with its design, and was therefore inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019 with a total of 22 items, including drinking water works, monumental fountains, hydraulic structures, power plants, watercourses and canals.

Numerous places of interest such as monuments and museums provide an insight into the world of (Augsburg's) water.

Our top three places of interest in Augsburg

With so many places of interest that Augsburg has to offer, it is naturally difficult to choose. Nevertheless, we’ve attempted to do this and urge you to go and explore for yourself.

City Hall / Golden Hall

Augsburg Rathaus, the town hall, is the most important secular building of the German Renaissance, built between 1615 and 1620 by master builder Elias Holl. It houses the Goldener Saal (‘golden hall’), which completed in 1624. The hall owes its name and splendor to its gilded wooden ceiling: It is one of the most impressive ceremonial rooms in Germany and one of the most popular places of interest in Augsburg.

The Fuggerei

This area is the oldest existing social housing in the world: The Fuggerei in Augsburg, is a kind of city within the city comprising 67 houses, 142 apartments and its own church. It was founded in 1521 by the rich merchant Jakob Fugger and his brothers. Even today, the annual rent is 0.88 euros (formerly one Rhenish guilder) and three daily prayers.

The concept of the Fuggerei and its continuous contribution to society over centuries fascinates people from all over the globe. Visitors can see an exhibition in the World War Bunker and four museums in the Fuggerei for an entrance fee.

State Textile and Industry Museum

Mensch – Maschine – Muster – Mode (man, machine, pattern, fashion): These four ‘M’s are the focus of the "Textil- und Industriemuseum" in Augsburg, also known as ‘TIM’. A lively and varied program of exhibitions and events enables visitors to experience Augsburg's great tradition as a prominent European textile metropolis. The exhibition has already been awarded numerous international design and museum prizes and invites visitors to participate through interactive stations. 

All the places of interest in Augsburg

You can find an overview of all the interesting places of interest in Augsburg. Or browse the interactive explorer map of the city of Augsburg and explore the city center.

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