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Are you an organizer and planning an event?

As a central trade fair venue in southern Germany, Messe Augsburg offers attractive space for events of almost any size. A high degree of flexibility and modularly usable trade fair grounds create the best conditions for any ideas.

“Messe Augsburg is a great location for innovative event formats and a strategically placed location with good public transport links. Messe Augsburg also implements secure hygiene and safety measures during the pandemic, which guarantees visitors a safe visit to the trade fair.”

Matthias Schmid
Head of Advertising Market Daily Newspaper, Weekly Newspaper and Crossmedia
Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper

Our recommendations for your event:

Digital events in the live streaming studio

We combine the physical with the digital: on an area of just under 200 m², we offer you a green screen studio for purely virtual or hybrid hybrid event formats—all in compliance with the latest hygiene concepts.

But this is also possible in our event halls. A green screen section combined with the installed talk zone offers numerous possibilities to make every event an individual experience.

Our recommendation:

Trade fair / exhibition

7 exhibition halls with a total or modular exhibition area totaling 48,000 m² provide the perfect setting for any regional, national or international trade fair.

Our recommendation:

Hallenteil A2 bei Vorträgen und Präsentationen
Hall section A2 is perfect for conferences, congresses and meetings

Congresses, seminars, forums, symposiums, corporate events, meetings and more

Our conference center extends over an area of 2,200 m² with 16 high-quality offices and conference rooms on two levels. The prestigious foyer on the ground floor creates a reception area for your guests. You can also provide a wardrobe and catering services here. Parking spaces are located directly in front of the door.

If you are planning a supporting exhibition, we recommend combining it with Hall 1. The connecting walkway enables your guests to walk over into this hall protected against any weather conditions. It can be divided into different sizes and has retractable telescopic tribune seating which can seat 700-2,000 people, depending on the room configuration. The floor seating also be used to provide additional seating options.

Our recommendation:

Masters of Rock Antenne in der Schwabenhalle

Concerts, comedy, TV productions, live events

Our Schwabenhalle (Hall 1) is a perfect space for these types of events: First-class acoustics, retractable telescopic tribune seating, an inviting foyer with a merchandise section, catering section, wardrobe and backstage, control room, organizer's offices and artists' dressing rooms will ensure you have all the facilities you require when planning your event.

You can also organize open air events in our outdoor exhibition grounds.

Unsere Empfehlung:

Prüfungen können in Halle 2 optimal abgehalten werden

Examination / Tests 

If you are looking for a venue where trainees and students can take their exams, Messe Augsburg is ideal: Halls 1, 2 and 5 offer excellent spaces and the right infrastructure. Our trade fair grounds are quickly and easily accessible by public transport.

For example, Hall 2 has a seating capacity over 630 with sufficient space between tables.

Our recommendation:

“The IHK Schwaben (Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) has been really satisfied to use Messe Augsburg when conducting written examinations of the thousands of trainees in the Augsburg area. The organization is professional, the convenient location means that trainees have easy access to the testing center from many directions and there’s plenty of car parking on site. We know that any exams are in excellent hands at Messe Augsburg and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jasmina Ferles
Head of the Commercial Training Examinations Team
IHK Schwaben

Your event in the best hands

Are you interested in a quote, would you like personal advice or do you simply have a question? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you. 

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We offer a wide range of tailor-made services to ensure that your event is a total success. 

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