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Chris Tall 2023


Chris Tall 2023

Beauty needs space!

Location: Schwabenhalle

Admission: 19:00

Start: 20:00

Starting in February 2023, Chris Tall will go on tour again to thrill his fans anew.

"Beauty needs space!" - From club vacations to mocktail evenings, from FIFA gambling to baby showers, from binge-watching to buying a pet and a moderately successful date: Chris Tall tries to find something positive in every situation and helps beauty to its right; even if this goes wrong now and then! For example, he tortures himself through a preventive checkup at the doctor's office, only to pacify his battered soul with a visit to a bar in the end. The new Whatsapp group of his buddies with the name "Happa happa Dudu - Babyface Emoji" he saves with choking thoughts, but still goes into the lion's den and takes part in a birth preparation course. After all, that's what you do for your brudis...