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Kaya Yanar


Kaya Yanar


Location: Schwabenhalle

Start: 20:00

Climate stickers, refugees, trans people, gender stars, wokeness, political correctness, blackfacing, brownfacing, cultural appropriation, cancel culture, racism, sexism, plum jam.
Has the world become more complicated or has Kaya become simpler? What jokes can he still make? Does humor have limits and if so, how many?
Everything used to be simpler. Or more ignorant? The world is becoming ever faster and more complex, and anyone who can't keep up is lost. Lost.
But no matter what happens, you need humor. Charlie Chaplin once said: "A day without laughter is a day lost!" Have you laughed today? If not, then come to Kaya's brand new zeitgeisty live comedy show "LOST!" And if you've already laughed, come anyway and laugh some more.