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Der Watzmann ruft 2022



Der Watzmann ruft 2022

For the very last time in original line-up

Location: Schwabenhalle

Start: 20:00

The event from 03.10.2021 has been postponed to 27.09.2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

For the very last time in original line-up!

With Wolfgang Ambros, Klaus Eberhartinger, Joesi Prokopetz & Christoph Fälbl.

In 2016, the cult piece "Der Watzmann" said goodbye to music history after 40 years. But as it is with classics that have long been considered by the audience as always and forever performable, the stay in Ausgedinge lasted only four years, and the Rustikal will definitely be live in the fall of 2020 for the last time in the original lineup. Wolfgang Ambros and the No.1 from the Vienna Woods, EAV legend Klaus Eberhartinger as the Gailtaler, Joesi Prokopetz as the farmhand and father and Christoph Fälbl in a double role as Bua and farmhand, will once again delight countless fans in the spectacular original staging.

It was 46 years ago that it first sounded from grooves pressed into black vinyl: "Vül hats schon pockt, am Berg aufi glockt, gfolgt sans ihm tapfer, oba da Berg, der wüll sei Opfer...". The initial ignition of the Watzmann was gladly called "Schnapsidee" by his fathers. Well, since one should never climb mountains under the influence of alcohol, and the mountain also took its time to rise to its 2,712 meters, the story of the "Buam", who succumbed to the lure of the Watzmann, grew over decades - piece by piece. So long, until the farmer, his Bua, the Gailtal woman, the farmhands and in general all those who struggled with their fate in the shadow of the mountain had "an insight". "Now is a scho gnua, with the dying", they said to themselves and so in 2016 the Bua fell for the last time from the mountain and at the same time the final curtain.

But since the battle against the mountain is far from being won, even the Gailtaler in somewhat advanced age has lost nothing of her seductive power, the Bua is anyway considered unteachable - and will apparently never take away his father's worries - the Rustikal will now go on stage again in the fall of 2020, and definitely for the last time with the original cast. Here's to a strong and honest Juchezer! A "never again" was never so decidedly pronounced at that time, and even if it were, it wouldn't matter, because the audience is used to resignations in show business anyway. So one may simply look forward very much to the fact that the Watzmann will be able to be experienced once again in its original line-up in Austria and Germany in such a way, as one knows and loves the work.

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