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Location: Schwabenhalle

Start: 20:00

End: 23:00

The Fäaschtbänkler are coming to the Schwabenhalle in Augsburg again in 2023!

Their name has long stood for folk-pop music 4.0, for cross-genre pop hardstyle blows with folk instruments, for fast-paced, unique genre mash-ups - and above all for dance floors full to the brim and exploding.

The Fäaschtbänkler are sworn-in pop innovators who know all the ropes and great hitmakers with an unusual arsenal of instruments, mass entertainers with their feet on the ground and real dance rage visionaries. From the border triangle, Andreas Frei, Roman Wüthrich, Marco Graber, Michael Hutter and Roman Pizio have conquered the album charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their last five albums.

Their songs are catchy tunes with lyrics that trigger feelings and that you want to hear again and again. That's why people go to their concerts, love their songs and can sing along to every single line of lyrics by heart. Experience the Fäaschtbänkler live on 24 November at the Schwabenhalle in Augsburg.