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Rights of use for images of Messe Augsburg

The picture has been protected by copyright. Augsburger Schwabenhallen Messe- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH (short: Messe Augsburg) is the owner of all rights of use to the image file shown. Use of the image files may exclusively be in the scope approved here. If any other use is planned, written consent is to be obtained in advance. For any requests please contact marketing@messeaugsburg.de, we are available for your requests at all times.

The user is hereby granted the right, free of charge, to use the image file for purposes exclusively connected with the portrayal with the DZT and the products, services and trademarks of Messe Augsburg. The photos may only serve portrayal as a business trip destination and event location. For this, the user receives a simple, non-transferable right of use without limitation of time. In addition, the image file may be used for press reports in connection with the portrayal with the DZT and the products, services and trademarks of Messe Augsburg. A layout is to be sent to the aforementioned e-mail address for insight in advance at the user's expense. Any other kind of commercial use has been ruled out to the extent that no express consent from Messe Augsburg is available. The right to demand damages remains reserved. Use has been/is being permitted for other users as well.

Fundamental changes to the message of the image by assemblies of any kind of other changes to the image files are not permitted. Messe Augsburg reserves the right to revoke the granting of the rights of use for good and sufficient reason. In such a case, the user undertakes not to make any further illustrations, publications or reproductions and to cease use without delay.

In the event of breaches of these regulations, Messe Augsburg can demand that the user withdraws, corrects or completely ceases all its products with the portrayal of the image file at its own expense. The right to demand damages remains reserved. The user is obliged to make reference to the author of the image or the owner of the rights of use (owner: Messe Augsburg).

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