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2,500 Euros to VET4Africa: Successful OFF-GRID Sale at the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference 2023

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference (OEC) is not only a place for innovation and networking, but also a site of social engagement. Each year, the OFF-GRID-Sale is held in cooperation with Phaesun GmbH – exhibitors donate products to the sale, the proceeds of which are given to a charitable organisation. The sale at the OEC 2023 generated 2,500 euros – and offered another highlight as well: not only products donated by exhibitors were sold, but solar cases manufactured on site as well.

The solar cases were built with the participation of a team of trainers from the VET4Africa e.V. Association, which received the donation. The team was made up of future environmental safety and renewable energy technicians from the Technical School in Höchstädt an der Donau. Under the leadership of supervisor Michael Briegel, around 20 technical school students assembled solar cases in various sizes. These were then available for purchase by exhibition attendees, with the proceeds going to the association. Visitors could also learn about the function and construction of the solar cases and the teaching principle used in VET4Africa - PV1 courses at a stand roughly 40m² in size.

As he handed over the check to the VET4Africa e. V. Association, Günter Mögele, Association Chair and Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Wildpoldsried, emphasized the importance of these kinds of campaigns. The VET4Africa e.V. Association has been working to train African multipliers in the areas of renewable energy and photovoltaic technology since 2018. So far, it has trained over 300 African PV instructors from 17 countries, leading to over 4,000 trained PV technicians. The association relies on donations to continue this important work.

Michael Briegel, Senior Instructor at the State Vocational Training Center in Höchstädt an der Donau, emphasized the wide variety of uses the solar cases offer, and told attendees the technical school holds regular solar case building courses, including in cooperation with other schools and organizations in the Dillingen region.

For more information on the VET4Africa e. V. Association and on how to donate, please visit www.vet4africa.com. For more information on the Technical School, please visit www.bs-hoechstaedt.de/ts.

About Phaesun GmbH

As Europe’s most innovative specialist wholesaler for off-grid components and systems based on renewable energy sources, Phaesun offers products from every major manufacturer in this sector. The main applications where Phaesun solutions are used are off-grid solar systems for rural electrification and solar-supplied back-up systems for unstable power grids, solar cooling systems for a wide range of applications, solar-operated water pump systems for pumping drinking water and agricultural irrigation and off-grid power supplies for industrial applications. Phaesun’s entire product portfolio is sold through a global network of partners and distributors.

About the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference:

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference is the largest international congress trade event in Europe that focuses on the off-grid power supply sector and is aimed at those interested in self-sufficient power and water supply and standalone solutions. The high-profile, English-language expert congress with a trade fair focuses on all the themes relating to off-grid solar, wind and hydropower systems and a self-sufficient power supply, which are particularly important in rural areas and an aid to developing regions. The unique mix of trade fair, conference and networking offers the off-grid community a framework to initiate business transactions and knowledge transfer. The official conference partner of the event is the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). For more information, please visit: www.off-grid-expo.com.


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